Mary Lou Powers Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Mary Lou Powers

I can’t say enough about this amazing doctor, Dr. Henry Childers. I went to him to have stem cell therapy for my knees instead of having total knee replacements. He was very impressive, confident and very knowledgeable. I totally identified with him in so many ways. He has a very personable and helpful staff, which should be acknowledged. Thank you …

Seth Quinto Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Seth Quinto

Dr. Henry Childers is a world-class physician And a Dear Friend of mine whom I swear by for his knowledge, charisma, skepticism and personality. If ever my family or I have a need, his is the counsel I would first seek.

Claudia Wilson Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Claudia Wilson-McPaul

My husband had stem cells placed in both knees in September. He is so much better. He was a bilateral knee replacement candidate as both were bone on bone. He is no longer considering this option. He rarely takes pain medication now. It’s slow but steady progress and well worth it. Dr. Childers was excellent. He was very straight forward …

Karla Holt Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Karla Holt

I never knew I would feel so young again after receiving PRP treatment by Delaware Integrative Medicine for my tennis elbow. This alternative medicine treatment has done wonders on my health.

Jaclyn Wloszek Delaware Integrative Medicine Testimonial

Jaclyn Wloszek

We are glad to be associated with Delaware Integrative Medicine as we discovered the potential of regenerative cell therapy. It helped my husband with his chronic pain.