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Arterosil HP Professional Strength (60 Capsules)


Arterosil® - the only glycocalyx regenerating product patented to stabilize and regress vulnerable plaque*

Arterosil contains MonitumRS™ – a proprietary extract of rhamnan sulfate, a specialized sulfated polysaccharide derived from the rare green seaweed, Monostroma nitidum. Rhamnan sulfate is a powerful glycocalyx regenerating compound and has been reported to possess many cardiovascular health benefits13. The rhamnan sulfate found in Arterosil has a similar chemical structure to heparan sulfate found abundantly in human endothelial glycocalyx, and may exert its biological activities by regenerating endothelial glycocalyx. Manufactured in the USA, Arterosil is available through licensed health care practitioners.

Arterosil Research Studies

Numerous cellular, animal and human studies have been conducted on Arterosil, including the following:

MRI Carotid Plaque Regression Study
Hospital in Beijing — Human Pilot
Finding: Study in early phase – licensed health care practitioners may view initial data here

Glycocalyx Mediated Endothelial Function as Measured by EndoPat
Medicus CRO — Human Study
Finding: Arterosil demonstrated measurable improvement in endothelial function

Endothelial Function as Measured by Arterial Elasticity
Baylor Heart Institute Campus – Human Study
Finding: Arterosil improved endothelial function – arterial elasticity increased by an average of 89.6%

Glycocalyx Regeneration Study
Chinese Academy of Sciences — Cellular Study
Finding: Arterosil repairs and regenerates glucose damaged endothelial glycocalyx

Leukocyte Adhesion Study
Maastricht University — Animal Study
Finding: Arterosil prevents the increase of leukocyte adhesion and inhibits endothelium-mediated inflammation