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OHP Health Trehalose Brain Boosting Sugar (350g)


OHP Pharmaceutical-Grade Trehalose Sweetener *

Trehalose is a sugar made up of two glucose molecules connected by a disaccharide band. Unlike many other sweeteners, trehalose does not result in a glycemic impact and has anti-oxidant and brain-boosting properties.

Trehalose is unique in its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and pass through the cell membrane into the cell. As a result, it has neurotrophic impacts on brain health and brain protection. Furthermore, its permeability through the cell membrane allows it to get into the cell and be utilized by mitochondria. Inside the cell, it also supports lysosome biogenesis, making it a key factor in autophagy.

With about half the calories of sugar, trehalose does not spike insulin levels making it a keto-friendly sweetening option for coffees, teas, or desserts.

OHP Trehalose was tested for quality by our pharmacy partners.