Hormone Imbalance

Hormones—the chemical messengers that drive much of your metabolism, digestion, hunger, and feeling of fullness—are often at the root of why you can’t lose weight. Some hormone imbalances that get in the way include your thyroid, your adrenals, and your sex hormones, such as progesterone estrogen, and testosterone in men and women.


Is BHRT Right For You

As we get older, many of us just blame it on age when we fatigue easily or put on weight that’s hard to get off. Some of us suffer from insomnia, irritable bowels, dry skin and hair loss. And then there’s the drop in our libido, as if as we get older, we’re just not that interested in sex anymore. We can get moody or even depressed, or experience memory loss and poor concentration.

Often, hormonal imbalance is the root cause of many of these symptoms. Natural changes are often the reason for such an imbalance, including menopause in women and a drop in testosterone in men. Additionally, environmental and dietary toxins can accelerate hormone imbalance. You don't have to live with a diminished quality of life. If your hormones are imbalanced, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy may be able to effectively treat it.


  • Can't lose weight with a proper diet and regular exercise
  • Often tired
  • Hungry all the time
  • Can't build or maintain muscle
  • Low sex drive
  • Moody
  • Osteoporosis

Current Hormone Levels

Treatment includes a comprehensive review of the patient's current hormone levels, family history, symptoms and needs. Delaware Integrative Medicine will perform state-of-the-art diagnostic hormone testing, using blood, urine and/or saliva testing.

How do I take Bioidentical Hormones?

If your hormones are found to be out of balance and you chose to supplement with BHRT, your program will include a prescription with individualized compounded doses of bioidentical hormones rather than the “one dose fits all” approach of conventional hormone replacement therapy. It will be tailored specifically to fit you. The prescription will be filled at a compounding pharmacy. Hormone pellets are the best, most natural way to deliver hormones in both men and women. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small doses providing optimal therapy.


What next?

While results may vary, many men and women find they get relief from their symptoms  almost immediately and it is important to track progress and work closely with us.

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Disclaimer: BHRT is a controversial approach to menopause that, while adopted by many physicians practicing integrative, complementary or alternative medicine, has not been adopted by physicians in conventional settings. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is skeptical that the scientific evidence supports this approach to care. Wyeth, a pharmaceutical company that manufacturers synthetic hormone replacement therapy has petitioned the FDA to limit certain compounds that may be used, which the FDA has granted. Not all compounds remain available, though the primary ingredients with clinical significance remain available. Large population studies of BHRT have not been conducted, and the information available about both the risks and benefits of natural hormone replacement are the result of clinical experience and applied knowledge of biochemistry rather than such studies.

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