The Power and Uniqueness of Regenerative Cells

Stem cells are a distinct kind of cells that possess the ability to replicate and regenerate themselves within the human body. Adult mesenchymal stem cells function as a kind of internal repair system, possessing the ability to differentiate to replenish other cells. These regenerative cells have the unique capacity to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a specific function within the human body such as bone, cartilage, muscle or skin cells. Given their powerful and unique regenerative nature, adipose derived regenerative cell therapy offers new potential in the treatment of certain indications.

Cell Rich Fat Transfer

Cell Rich Fat Transfer (CRFT) protocol is a special harvesting process with a unique cannula, which gently removes small adipose cell clusters that have been loosened inside the body via mechanical dissociation. It is a harvesting and transfer method that yields consistent volume of highly viable adipose derived regenerative cells (ADRC’s).   The CRFT method of autologous fat transfer has been shown to be superior to other methods.


The Regenerative Cell procedures’ goal is to harness and enhance the body’s natural mechanism for healing. Cell Rich Fat Transfer (CRFT) is performed in-clinic by our board-certified physician and cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Henry Childers, assisted by our credentialed medical staff. This cutting-edge procedure is normally conducted on an outpatient basis and under local anesthetic. The total procedure normally takes about 2-3 hours, varying based on the patient’s condition and overall health. The goal of regenerative cell treatment is to minimize pain and advance function without the need for invasive surgery.

  1. Harvesting of regenerative cells: The harvesting of regenerative cells is primarily acquired using in vivo dissociation with a liposuction procedure to obtain adipose tissue.
  2. Separation of regenerative cells: Through sterile decantation, the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) is separated from the harvested fat cells.
  3. Isolation of cells: Using multi-filtration methodologies, regenerative cells and other cells are isolated from the SVF. 
  4. Activation of regenerative cells: Once the isolated regenerative cells are acquired it is added to the patient’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and activated based on medical procedure protocol.
This process, during its duration, is constantly monitored and controlled by our physician. When considering regenerative cell therapy or making a decision to undergo the procedure as an ideal candidate, it is important to discuss your options with Dr. Childers. Devising a comprehensive treatment plan is crucial, as everyone is different and outcomes will vary.

Conditions Treated with Regenerative Cell Therapy

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