Ozone Therapy

Is used to treat a variety of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue states, chemical sensitivity, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, colitis, autoimmune diseases, Crohn’s disease, and skeletal muscular conditions just to name a few.  Ozone is a natural and comprehensive cell biologic simulator. It magnifies all cell biological function, which helps to express cellular function probably better than any other treatment protocol. This is all accomplished through natural biochemistry.


What are the therapeutic effects of ozone?

  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Improves the oxygen supply throghout the body.
  • Promotes the detoxifying function of the liver.
  • Improves liver lesions produced by alcohol or viruses (hepatitis).
  • Strongly reduces blood lipids.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps the body to better support other treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Effectively combat stress.
  • Improves overall condition.

Ozone has five properties that account for why it works so well

1. Ozone is a powerful mitochondrial stimulant

The fundamental underlying cause behind all degenerative disease from diabetes to heart disease to cancer is decreased mitochondrial energy production. Ozone can often correct this problem.

2. Ozone is a potentiator of the immune system.

This means that when the immune system is overactive, as an autoimmune disease, ozone will calm down. Conversely, when the immune system is under active as in cancer, aids, and chronic infection, ozone will stimulate it. The unique ability of ozone stems from its action on the membrane of white cells that caused them to produce immune related messenger molecules called cytokines. Examples of cytokines are gamma interferon, interleukin-2, colony stimulating factor, and TGF-alpha just to name a few.

3. Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen by stimulating the enzyme diphosophoglycerate (DPG)

DPG enables the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin molecule so that it can be taken up into the cell. In the absence of an adequate amount of DPG, our cells become starved for oxygen. This is a common problem with diabetics.

4. Ozone improves circulation

It does this by enhancing the flow characteristics of blood as a liquid. This effect enables more of the oxygen carrying hemoglobin to reach the capillaries where ultimately the cells will receive more of the blood they require. Many patients with chronic inflammatory conditions have impaired circulation.

5. Ozone increases antioxidant protection more than any other therapy including Vitamin C

Most people with chronic disease have deficient antioxidant defenses.

Benefits of Ozone Treatments

  • Enhances mitochondrial function
  • Stimulates increased uptake of oxygen
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases antioxidant protection
  • Is a potentiator of the immune system

How is Ozone Used Medically?

  • Prolozone
  • Major Auto Hemotherapy
  • Ozone Rectal Insulflation
  • Ozone Sauna
  • Direct Ozone
  • Ozone Oil

Conditions Treated by Ozone Therapy

Ozone treatment is particularly well suited for:

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