Regain Your Mobility with GenVisc 850

Over-the-counter medications not working for your osteoarthritis symptoms? Not sure what to do for your arthritic knee pain?

Hyaluronic acid knee injections can provide the relief you’re looking for. GenVisc 850 is a revolutionary product that has been developed to successfully treat knee pain, inflammation, and stiffness due to osteoarthritis.

Brain Mapping FAQs

How Safe is GenVisc 850?
GenVisc 850 is approved in 64 countries world-wide and has been deemed safe and effective. It has been used to successfully treat knee pain around the world for over 20 years!
How is GenVisc 850 Administered?
GenVisc 850 is an intra-articular injection, which is injected into the space of the affected joint. Clinical studies have shown that 5 injections of GenVisc 850 given at weekly intervals provides the best pain relief. The benefits of GenVisc 850 are typically felt after the third injection, but this can vary for each patient.
How Long Can I Expect the Relief to Last?
Each patient reacts to GenVisc 850 differently, but the benefits are known to last for months. In clinical studies, many patients experienced at least 6 months of pain relief, sometimes longer.
Can I Take other Medications with GenVisc 850?
You can take other medications with GenVisc 850. There are no known drug interactions and GenVisc 850 doesn’t interfere with other pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. You should still discuss all your current medications and vitamin supplements with Dr. Childers on a periodic basis.
Will My Insurance Cover GenVisc 850?
Medicare and most insurance providers cover GenVisc 850. The reimbursement process varies from plan to plan, so be sure to talk with us and your insurance provider to find out if GenVisc 850 is covered before you begin treatment.
What Should I Do After My Treatments?
It is recommended that you avoid strenuous activities for at least 48 hours after receiving an injection. Dr. Childers will advise you on the level of activity that is right for you. Most patients are able to maintain their normal daily activities after treatment.

How Does It Work? 

The fluid in your knee, known as synovial fluid, is designed to lubricate and cushion your knee during movement. As the early stages of osteoarthritis take hold, this fluid breaks down and makes everyday activities like climbing stairs more painful.

Hyaluronic acid is the key component of our knee’s synovial fluid which makes movement easy and naturally pain-free. It is also the active ingredient of GenVisc 850. A prescribed regimen of GenVisc 850 injections restores the synovial fluid in your knee and reduces the pain, inflammation, and stiffness you experience from osteoarthritis.

Let Us Help You! 

Contact Dr. Henry Childers here at Delaware Integrative Medicine to see if GenVisc 850 or any other of our proven regenerative treatment options is best for you! We look forward to personalizing your treatment plan and helping you lead a pain-free life!

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