Kim Mitchell

A few years ago, I began to notice a change in myself and I despised what was happening. I constantly felt exhausted. I was taking medication for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The scale continued to go up despite diet and exercise. Headaches were becoming more frequent and more severe. Night sweats and hot flashes were unbearable. I began to make appointments with my primary care physician, the gynecologist, and an endocrinologist. I was told they had run every test imaginable and there was nothing wrong with me except the possibility of aging and menopause. This possible realization sent me into a tailspin of “I cannot function with normal day to day activities as I go through this change that could take years.” Then I found Dr. Childers and my life changed. One of the most important qualities he had was he actually listened to me as I told him my concerns. After new blood work tests, he found I was not producing testosterone. Who knew a female needed testosterone? Within a week of the pellet injection, I felt like a miracle had occurred. I was back to my old self. One of the symptoms I had and didn’t even know was “brain fog.” I think I had just been feeling so bad for so long that I hadn’t even realized that my ability to focus and mental clarity were suffering. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy made me feel “normal” again. Thank you to Dr. Childers and his entire team at Regenerative Medical Center of Delaware! 

– Principal, Woodbridge Early Childhood Education Center