Sharon Mack

After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I endured a multitude of treatments with little to no success. The treatment protocol with Dr. Childers has me on a path to restore my health from the inside and has me feeling better than I have in eight years. Dr. Childers uses science and nature to derive his protocol, which benefits and supports the healing process and the ability to kill off the bacteria that have remained in the body for long periods of time. There are very few doctors like Dr. Childers, in that he believes and understands the mechanisms of the Lyme bacteria. Knowing that antibiotics will not help once the bacteria have reached a certain point inside the body, Dr. Childers methods do not include pharmaceuticals. rather innovative ways to give the body what it needs to fight. I highly recommend speaking with Dr. Childers and his knowledgeable staff! If you have suffered from Lyme Disease. or a co-infection, Dr. Childers will validate your condition and get you on the path to healing.